Welcome to CPS Notes, where we offer several options for investing in high yield notes.

What is a CPS Note?

When you buy a note, you are loaning money to Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. The note represents our obligation to repay the money you’ve lent us, plus interest. You are also able to choose the interest payment schedule you prefer. The terms range anywhere from three months to ten years. CPS notes offer attractive interest rates. However, they are not bank CD’s nor are they FDIC-insured. There is a possible risk of loss which is thoroughly outlined in the Prospectus.

How Often Is Interest Paid?

For your high yield note, you have several options regarding how you want your interest paid. You can have it paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or when your note matures. If you decide on the monthly payment option, you can select the day of the month you wish to collect your interest payment.

How does one invest in CPS’s high yield notes?

The first step is to thoroughly read through the Prospectus including the risk factors section.

Once you have a good understanding of the document, the next step would be to fill out and sign your subscription agreement. This is when you’ll select the duration of your notes’ terms and how much you wish to invest.

Now that you have completed this step, simply fill out your direct deposit form so we know where to deposit your payments.

Now you want to fill out your W-9 form or we cannot properly process your principal or interest payments.

The last step is to send your check for your total investment amount made out to Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc, along with the W-9, subscription agreement, and direct deposit form.

To discover more about Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc’s high yield notes, request your own investment kit today.